• 12" X 40 Ply Buffing Wheel 1st Step Guitar buff


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    12" X 40 PLY - 1/2" Wide. This wheel has a 1-1/4 inch center hole.   
    Good for 1st step "Guitar Buffing" and much more...

    Full Disc Loose Buffs are made of many loose plies of material sewn together around the center hole. This is a soft flexible buff good for buffing or coloring all types of metal, plastics and wood. A good first step guitar buffing wheel. These buffs are made and sold in 40 ply sections. The section are about a 1/2" thick and are placed on a straight arbor shaft. This wheel is a great value as it is twice as wide as our standard 20 ply wheel. 20 ply wheels are roughly 1/4 inch wide. This wheel is 1/2 inch wide. As with all loose buffs and sewn buffs they are meant to be ganged together on the shaft to build the desired buffing wheel width. 4 of these wheels together on the shaft would give you a buffing head of 2 inches wide. The polisher can make the face of the buffing wheel as thick as desired by adding more sections. This material is for color buffing, high luster work only. These buffs work great with a good coloring compounds. Loose buffs are good for use with greaseless compounds as well as other polishes and buffing compounds. These are great all purpose buffing wheels to have around the shop.  Excellent for guitar buffing. Perfect for mirror finishing and high gloss applications. 2 of these make a 1 inch wide buffing wheel, 4 of these would make a 2 inch wide buff wheel on the shaft.

    Excellent choice as a first step buff when buffing guitars and instruments