16 inch Yellow Airway, Reconditioned, Pre-Used Buffing Wheel.

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This item is out of stock
This item is out of stock
USED BUFFS - 16 inch diameter, 7 inch center hole. These Pre-Used Buffing wheels are a great way to save money. They are less than have the price of a new wheel and just as good. They are great for cut down operations as well as cut and color. These wheels started out new at 20 inches in diameter. The manufacturer who owned these wheels can not use them past 16 inches in diameter. So we are able to buy them back and sell them to you where they can then be used almost down to the center ring depending on your buffing requirements. They are shipped slightly dirty from past buffing just as seen in the photo. If you buy firm yellow treated buffing wheels in 16 inch diameter, this is a great deal for you and well worth a try.