• 16" Sisal Buffing Wheel, 7 Ply w Cloth Sides 1-1/4" Center Hole


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    16 INCH SISAL BUFFING WHEEL WITH CLOTH SIDES,  1-1/4" Center Hole.  7 plys of sisal with cloth cotton sides. 1/4 inch spiral sewing.

    These wheels are used for cut down operations on steel, stainless steel and aluminum. They work well as first step buffs when preparing work for the final high luster step. Use a steel cut buffing compound like #BP-401 or BP-408  with these buffing wheels. Sisal buffs are designed to take the pressure needed to buff out abrasive belt lines and scratches. These buffs are constructed of 7 ply of sisal sewn together with cotton sides. The rows of sewing are 1/4 inch apart giving them a positive firm feel. These buffing wheels are roughly 1/2" thick. You can stack as many on the buffing shaft as needed to build the desired buff face. These sisal wheels are made of un-treated sisal. A great choice for all purpose sisal buffing when sisal is needed.