4 Inch Satin Finishing Wheel, 3 ply, Alox Very Fine

$7.25 $4.50

4 x 3 ply Satin Finishing Disc "Very Fine A" ,cotton sides-1", glue center - Pinhole -1/4"

3 Ply Satin Buffing wheels aluminum oxide "Very Fine" are constructed with 3 discs glued together, with 1 inch cotton sides and a hard pinhole or 1/4" center hole. The Non-woven abrasive is the "Very Fine-A grade. These wheels give all metals a quick directional satin finish. These wheels conform to curves and bends producing satin finishes on lamps, railings, doorknobs, handles, and many other parts. Great for use with a drill and the 1/4" mandrel.