• Razor Buffing Wheel 6 Inch - Yellow Firm (hard pinhole center)

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    6 Inch Razor Buffing Wheel - Yellow Firm (hard pinhole center)   Razor Edge Buffs are made for use on a taper spindle. This little buff quickly becomes the handiest thing in the shop. Its tapered form and thin "razor edge" gets into a thousand and one places where no other buff can get. Fitted with a leather center to keep it rigid on the taper spindle. Used by such industries as Jewelry Manufacturing, Silverware Manufacturers, Dental Laboratories and others. These buffs can be made in 2.5", 3", 4", 5" and 6" diameters. However ordering in large quantities are required. Great for use on buffing motorcycle head fins. These work well with all types of cutting compound like BP-408 or Coloring Compound like BP-1025.  Also try our 6 inch Orange Razor Buffing Wheel (slightly firmer)