• Buffing Wheel 7-1/2 Inch Yellow Airway Buff, 1-1/4 Arbor Centerless

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    Buffing Wheel. Close out sale. Great value !!!

    7-1/2 Inch Yellow Airway Buffing wheel , 1-1/4" Center Hole ALUMINUM BUFFING WHEEL

    This wheel is 7-1/2 inches in diameter with a 1-1/4" arbor hole. It has 12 plys of yellow and white material. This wheel DOES NOT HAVE A METAL CENTER RING!! 

    This wheel is all cotton right down to the cotton center hole. It is a unique design that allows you to buff inside without the metal center ring hitting the metal that you are buffing. This wheel is good for buffing the inside of something like a pot or pan. Also good for truck wheels and gas tanks, motorcycles, and all buffing. This is a great little buffing wheel. You only need a small 2-1/2" End Flange to use this wheel. The center hole on this wheel is 1-1/4" . The cotton on this Airway buff goes down to the center hole. That is why this wheel is called a center less buff. This allows you to use the wheel all the way to the center of the buff and no metal so you will now scratch parts. You can quickly adapt this wheel to smaller center holes by adding a reducer bushing to the 1-1/4" hole (bushing not included). Great for buffing truck rims and wheels, gas tanks, motorcycle parts, and many other hard to reach places. While supplies last.