8 Inch Satin Finishing Wheel Alox Very Fine


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8 X 3 BCR Satin Buff Alox VERY FINE 4 Ply
Satin Buffing wheel Aluminum oxide Very Fine 4 Ply are constructed with non-woven abrasive material pulled down into a metal clinch ring. This is similar to an airway cloth buffing wheel. This construction allows for great side to side flexibility along the work face. Stacking them together on a pedestal grinder creates an inexpensive flexible finishing wheel as wide as you like. These wheels give all metals a quick directional satin finish. These wheels conform to curves and bends producing satin finishes on lamps, railings, doorknobs, handles, and many other parts. Currently, on line we offer three grit types Medium, very fine and super fine. In 8 inch diameter. The center hole on these 8 inch wheels is 3 inches that we adapt down to your shaft diameter size. When ordering on line you must tell us the size of the center hole. It should be the same size as your buffing machine shaft diameter. These 8 x 3 inch satin wheels MUST BE used with the proper 4 inch end flanges for 3 inch center buffing wheels.