8 x 3" Yellow Airway Buffing Wheel 16 ply


8" Yellow Airway Buffing Wheel 3" center.  Light Yellow
16 ply #2 pack Yellow mill treatment. Just slightly softer than our 8 x 3 Tuff Cut Buffing Wheel. Excellent for all jobs including truck gas tanks and aluminum wheels. A great buff for the job shop.
These wheels are ON SALE and will be discontined soon. A great deal for this quality buffing wheel. Get them while they last !!
Please choose your center hole size when ordering.
( The center plate may have perforations and tabs unlike the photo, this depends on the center hole size that you order. Above photo is a 1/2" center hole)

Yellow Airway Buffs are used for cut and also coloring operations. The construction of the Airway Buff helps eliminate fraying and results in an economical, long lasting buff. The 8 inch and 10 inch Airway Buffs are favorites of fuel tank polishers and truck wheel polishers however, these wheels have hundreds of other uses in other industries.