• Bayland's Swirl Mark Remover


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    Bayland's Swirl Mark Remover is specially formulated to remove fine micro scratches from automotive paints and wood lacquers. Swirl Mark Remover is also excellent as a final hand polish after buffing to make the piece look absolutely perfect. Swirl Mark Remover is the only polish that is 100% scratch-free. It is recommend that when working with paints or lacquers a good compound is used before using Swirl Mark Remover. It removes dirt, wax build-up, buffing compound residue, sap, and most foreign substances from paint, lacquer and metals, while at the same time is buffing the finish to a high gloss that is flawless. Designed for use on O.E.M. and fully cured paints. It removes micro fine 1500 grit sanding scratches. It removes swirl marks left after compounding and buffing. This machine glaze type product is easier to use than other polishes like 3M's Finesse-it and Perfect-it, or Mothers and Mcguires auto polishes. In auto bodywork it is an excellent tool for painting cars. There is NO WAX and NO SILICON so fish-eye is never a problem. Paint can be touched up with Swirl Mark Remover and repainted with no adhesion problems. Use by hand with soft cotton cloths for quick polish and touch up, also works very well with jell pads, buffing bonnets, or buffing wheels. Swirl Mark Remover works fast, easy, and clean, when using power buffers with closed cell foam pads to remove compounding and swirl marks. Safe for both color and clear coat paints. Excellent on nitrocellulose lacquers and acrylics. Swirls mark can be used to final polish guitars, pianos, all wood lacquered finishes to achieve a "Piano Finish", boats for jell coats, auto paints, fine metals, gems, and plastics.