BP-250Z Green Buffing Compound High Luster

$14.50 $12.00

BP-250Z is one of our best high luster coloring bar compound. Best Seller!
-Deep mirror finish on stainless steel, aluminum & all metals
- Similiar to our BP-335 Green compound but drier.
- Runs clean so you can see the work 
Used to achieve the deepest bright mirror finish on all metals and plastics. It leaves the part very shiny and is very clean working. This formula contains a proprietary blend of lubricants and fine abrasives. A very smooth running easy to work with compound. For use on steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, and all other metals and plastics. Use this product alone to produce a mirror finish or use it as the final step after a cut down operation. Great for aluminum auto parts, motorcycle parts, truck wheels and gas tanks, aluminum auto wheels, brass parts, zinc die castings, plumbing parts, copper, plastic, wood, and other materials. 

Made in the USA.  Size: 2"x2"x10"

BP-250Z can be used on all buffing wheels. It is mainly used with a soft white cotton wheels like the white Airway buff, the white spiral sewn buff or the loose white buffing wheel. Also used with flannel, full disc, goblet and taper buffs.