Blue Diamond - Mirror Finish Buffing Compound 4 oz. bar


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Blue Diamond - Mirror Finish Compound.

 NEW SPACE AGE TECHNOLOGY- This new compound even out shines our best BP-335 ! 

NOT JUST FOR PLASTIC! This new recently developed formula is made of new space age abrasive. Used to achieve the best deep bright mirror finish. It works well on all metals and plastics. It leaves the part very shiny and is very clean working. Most blue compound out on the market is for buffing plastics. Our Blue Diamond compound is made differently don't let the color fool you. This compound is formulated to tackle the hardest metals yet can polish the softest plastic to perfection.  

Size: 3"x1.2"x1.2"  4 oz. Bar      Also available in 2 x 2 x 10 inch bars HERE

For use on Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Brass, and all other metals. For coloring or final high gloss polishing. For best results use after a cut down operation, Buff metal with proper cut bar compound then use for final high luster.  Aluminum auto parts, motorcycle parts, truck wheels and gas tanks, aluminum auto wheels, brass parts, zinc die castings, plumbing parts, copper, plastic, wood, and other materials. Made in the USA.

This product can be used on all buffing wheels. It is mainly used with a soft white cotton wheels like the white Airway buff, the white spiral sewn buff or the loose white buffing wheel. Also used with flannel, full disc, goblet and taper buffs. This is also fine enough for use on Lacquered parts and fine soft plastics.  

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