• Buffing Kit 350 Drill Kit Goblet, Taper, Cylinder

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    Buffing Kit 350 Drill Kit Goblet, Taper, Cylinder.  This buffing kit is good for getting started when buffing aluminum tire rims or truck wheels. The Goblet, Cylinder, and Taper buffs are ideal for getting into the hard to reach places. The 350 buffing kit comes with 1 half bar (1.5 Lbs.) of BP-401 Steel cutting compound. This is great cut on ALL metals. Perfect for aluminum wheels. The kit comes with 1 half bar (1.5 Lbs.) of BP-1025 white coloring compound for a very bright mirror shine on ALL metals. The 350 kit comes with one each of a 3 inch Taper Buff, a 3 inch Cylinder Buff and a 3 inch Goblet Buff. The Kit also comes complete with the 05 Mandrel with a tapered spindle for electric drills. Drill not included. Additional compounds and buffing wheels can be ordered separately to complement this kit as needed. 

    In the 350 Buffing kit:

    (1) 1/2 Bar #BP-401 grey steel cut compound

    (1) 1/2 Bar #BP-1025 white high luster compound

    (1) 3 inch Goblet Buff

    (1) 3 inch Taper Buff

    (1) 3 inch Cylinder Buff

    (1) Metal Mandrel for drill # 05Mandrel (Taper spindle 1-3/4 x 1/4 x 1/2 (1/4" Shank/ 1/4'taper) For use with taper buffs, goblet buffs and, cylinder buffs)