Since 1991 Bayland Products has been supplying the metal finishing industry with quality products and service. We are located in Barnegat New Jersey on the Jersey Coast. We are wholesaling manufactures of Buffing Wheels and Buffing Compounds, supplying customers from coast to coast and internationally.

Bayland Products buffing wheels represent quality and craftsmanship second to none. From Airways to Sisal, Jewelers buff to dip treated; Bayland carries all types of buffing wheels. Dip treatments that allow buffing wheels to run much cooler, Stitched wheels, Full Disc Buffs, Goblet, Mushroom Buffs, and many more. We also have a line of Satin finishing wheels.

Our Liquid and Bar Buffing Compounds are respected throughout the industry. We manufacture a wide variety of buffing compounds along with satin finishing, greaseless compounds, and water-soluble buffing compounds. We have hundreds of different formulas at our disposal to guarantee a perfect match for each different customer need.

We take pride in our products and customer support. Here at Bayland we understand the small business too, If you're a small business looking for help in buffing and the supplies and tools needed for the job. We know how frustrating it can be, trying to find what your looking for. Our experienced staff will be happy to help and answer your questions.

We treat our customers like the gold they are polishing.                         Buffing Wheels & Compounds Made in the USA!