• 10 Inch Flannel Buffing Wheel 15 ply


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    10 Inch Top Grade Flannel Buffing Wheel - 3/4" wide, 1 row of sewing. 

    Flannel buffing wheels are used to produce a scratch free finish on soft non-ferrous metals like brass, copper, gold, and others. They are excellent for final buffing on lacquered products like guitars and pianos. If you are buffing plastics or acrylics this is the wheel for that perfect final clear gloss finish. These wheels should be used with the finest coloring compounds like BP335, BP1025. These wheels are 15 plys of flannel sewn with one row of sewing around the center hole. They are roughly 3/4 inch thick. Like other full disc wheels they can be stacked together on the buffing shaft to reach the desired thickness or used alone as a 3/4 inch wide buffing wheel. Flannel Buffing wheels can be too soft to produce a good shine on steel and stainless steel.