BP-509 Tornado Super Cut Buffing Compound - Extra Cut


BP-509 Tornado Black Super Cut Buffing Compound - Extra Cut 
(slight grey in color)
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This is a heavy cut compound for the toughest jobs! For use on Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, and all other hard metals. BP-509 TORNADO Black is an excellent steel cutting compound. Excellent with sisal buffing wheels and regular cutting buffs. It is used to cut out scratches and imperfections in all steel and ferrous metals. A fast cutting bar, it will leave the metal very smooth and bright ready for plating or color buffing. BP-509 has a special binder formula to help hold the buffing wheel and cut the toughest metals. Tested by many polishers, we are told this is our best cutting bar compound. In a league of its own! 
Follow up with a good coloring bar compound like BP-335 or BP-1025 will produce a perfect mirror finish. Great for cutlery, knives, aluminum motorcycle parts, steel tubing, truck wheels and gas tanks, and other parts. Made in the USA.