• 10" x 3" White Airway Buffing Wheel 16 ply


    10" x 3" White Airway Buffing Wheel 16 ply 86/80 cotton 
    White Airway Buffs are used for coloring operations, the final step of high luster buffing.  These wheels are used in almost all buffing and polishing shops for coloring or light cutting on all Metals. The construction of the Airway Buff helps eliminate fraying and results in an economical, long lasting buff.  When used with a perforated center plate insert, air passes between sections and helps the buff to run much cooler. The steel center and rigid construction allow greater pressure and faster cutting speed. This wheel is 10 inches in diameter, it has a 3 inch center hole. It comes with a 3 inch center plate. You must choose what center hole you need for your buffing machine shaft. These wheels are made with 16 plys of cotton. This cotton is High Grade 86/80 material.  You MUST USE 4 inch End Flanges with this buffing wheel. Used with coloring compounds like BP-1025 and BP-335. Also works well with cut compounds and greaseless compounds. Made in the USA.