5 inch Center Plate - For all 5 inch center buffing wheels


5 inch Metal Center Plate, . This Center plate is 5 inches in diameter. We now offer center hole sizes of 1-1/4"and 1" The center plate is the thin metal support plate mounted in the center of the buffing wheel. These center plates are to adapt the larger center hole of the buffing wheel down to the small diameter of the buffing machine shaft. They allow air to circulate during buffing and keep the wheels true on the shaft. Buffs are mounted on the buffing machine shaft with one center plate per buffing wheel with a pair of end flanges holding all the mounted buffing wheels together on the shaft. Unless you specify our airway buffs are sold with center plates pre-mounted. You can buy center plates separately here if you need to.  If you need center plates with a special hole size, we can make them for you. Please check with us for these special orders.
We may ship centerplates with metal tabs for better holding on to the buffing wheel ring. If you require no metal tabs please let us know.