• 7" X 50 Ply White Jeweler's Buffing Wheel


    7" X 50 Ply White Jeweler's Buffing Wheel with Hard Pinhole Leather Center, 4 rows of sewing.
    This wheel is made with high quality white cotton material. This is a perfect "
    Jewelry Buffing Wheel". These wheels are about 3/4" thick and are to be used on a tapered spindle shaft. This is a good wheel for final color buffing creating a high luster on all metals and other surfaces. These buffs work great with all coloring compounds. Get the highest luster finish with our Red Rouge bars on brass, gold, silver and other soft metals. Not just for jewelry! These are great all purpose buffing wheels to have around the shop. They are also good for buffing plastics and other surfaces. 

    Try using this wheel with our tapered spindle sold separately. (Buffing Mandrel 05)