• 8" Buffing End Flanges - Fits all 7" center airway buffing wheels (One Pair)


    8" Steel End Flanges Fits all 7" center Airway Buffs
    (Two Flanges -Sold as a Pair)
    THESE FLANGES HAVE A 1-1/4 INCH CENTERHOLE. For use on a shaft 1-1/4" in diameter. End flanges are extremely important for safety when buffing. A pair of proper end flanges MUST be used on all buffing machines (see buffing safety sheet). End Flanges are made of thick steel. The center hole of your end flange set should be the exact size of the diameter of your buffing shaft that the end flanges mount on. End flanges are mounted on the buffing shaft with one end flange on either side of the buffing wheels. This is how you safely stack multiple buffing wheels on a buffing shaft to build a wide buffing wheel face. End flanges are used when buffing with one buffing wheel or twenty. End flanges must be slightly larger than the metal center clinch ring of the buffing wheel that you are using. We only keep these in stock with a 1-1/4 inch center hole. If you need a different size center hole, we can do it. This would a special order and take up to two weeks. There would be additional charges for special orders. Contact us if you require and different center hole size.