8 x 3" Yellow Airway Buffing Wheel 16 ply Tuff Cut


8 x 3" Yellow Airway Buffing Wheel 16 ply
"A great economical choice for the quality"
This 8 inch yellow airway buffing wheel is a great universal cutting wheel for most buffing projects. The polishers choice for buffing truck rims and gas tanks however, these wheels have hundreds of other uses in other industries. This is a good wheel for hand held angle grinders. Good for buffing aluminum, stainless steel, and all other metals. This wheel is 8 inches in diameter it has a 3 inch center hole with a 3 inch center plate that adapts down to your shaft diameter. You must choose what center hole you require for your buffing machine shaft diameter. Used with cutting compounds like BP-TR50, BP-401, BP-TR30 and all cut compounds. These wheels will also produce a nice bright finish on steel when used with coloring compounds like BP-1025 and BP-335. Also works well with Greaseless compounds. Made in the USA.
YOU MUST USE 4 INCH END FLANGES WITH THIS BUFFING WHEEL !!  Using under size flanges is very dangerous!