• Bar Compound Applicator (For bar buffing compounds)


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    Buffing Compound Applicator

    For applying bar buffing compounds. Our automatic bar compound applicator automatically compensates for wear of the bar compound.  The wear compensation is adjustable.  The bar feed speed and return speed are adjustable.  The bar compound feeder can hold up to a maximum 6" wide by 20" long compound bars.  For automatic applications the feeder can be equipped with an optional sensor to detect a low bar limit.   The solid compound feeder can hold bar compound from 50 to 150 mm wide x 500 mm long and 40 to 50 mm high. The adjustment screw can regulate the quantity of compound, applied per stroke, from 0.1 to 0.4 mm.  Not available for purchase from our website. CALL OR EMAIL FOR PRICE AND MORE INFO.