BP-TR70 Tripoli Bar Buffing Compound 4 oz.


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BP-TR70 Tripoli Bar Compound. size 3"x1.2"x1.2" 4 oz.  Best Seller !  

-Medium low melt point, good for all jobs
-Excellent quick cut
-Leaves part very bright and clean
-Cleans off and washes very easy,

Our best all around Tripoli bar. Good fast heavy cut. Bright clean color. Lower melting point. This formula is a customer favorite for good clean fast cutting. This special formula cleans up very well. BP-TR70 Tripoli Bar compound is formulated to cut and color all non-ferrous metals and plastics. Not for use on steel or ferrous metals. BPTR70 gives quick fast cut and leaves the piece shinny and bright in one step. For use on Brass, Zinc, Aluminum and all non-ferrous metals. For cutting or cut down to remove scratches and imperfections. Before coloring operation. Tripoli can also be used as a one-step cut and color bar. 
Made in the USA.

BP-TR70 used on all cutting and coloring type buffing wheels


Made in the USA.