• BP-401 Buffing Compound, Steel & Alum Cut 4 oz. bar


    BP-401 AWESOME CUT!  Dry and Clean. For use on Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, and all other metals. BP-401 is a best seller! The best steel cutting compound.  Size 3"x1.2"x1.2" 4 oz. bar

    It is used to cut out scratches and imperfections in all steel and ferrous metals. Great bar for jewelry. Since it is a cut bar, it will leave the metal very smooth and ready for plating or color buffing but its finish bright and ready for mirror buffing. It runs clean and dry when compared to other greasy steel cut bars. Clean running allows the polisher to see the works better. This is one of the reasons for BP-401’s popularity. Great for aluminum motorcycle parts, steel tubing, truck wheels and gas tanks, and other parts. Made in the USA.

    BP-401 can be used on all cutting type buffing wheels like Sisal buffs and Treated Sisal buffs. It also works great on yellow treated Airway buffs and yellow spiral sewn buffing wheels.