• Buffing Wheel 4" X 20 ply, 3 Rows Sewn


    4" X 20 PLY White Cotton Buffing Wheel
    3 Rows Sewn  20 plys of cotton, 1/4" Wide. Full Disc Sewed Buffs, or spiral sewn buffing wheels are sewn to be firmer than loose buffs and not as flexible. They are good for buffing on flat or accessible surfaces. They are sewn in a spiral pattern from the center to the edge of the buff. These wheels are designed to be ganged together on the buffing machine shaft to build the desired thickness of the total buffing head. In other words put as many of these on the shaft to make the wheel as wide as you need it to be. They are a 1/4 inch wide so 4 wheels would make a 1 inch wide head or buff. These white spiral sewn buffs are great for all types of buffing and polishing. They are one of the best all around buffing wheels used on most buffing jobs. If you need a wheel firmer than this for tuff cut buffing, try our yellow spiral sewn buffs. These wheels are good for use with all buffing compounds and polishes including greaseless compound.