Buffing Wheel Rake & Handle

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 Buffing wheel rakes are used for "raking the buff". During the buffing process, buffing compound will build up on the face of the buffing wheel. This dark black build-up feels tacky and dirty. This is called the "head of compound". A good head of compound on the buffing wheel is a good thing. After time the head of the buff becomes harder and coated with the metal that is being buffed. The face of the buffing wheel will become the color of the metal you are buffing. The buffing wheel will start to loose its cutting and buffing action. It is at this time that the buffing wheel should be raked. Carefully run the Teeth of a buffing wheel rake against the face of the buffing wheel applying light steady pressure. Be careful not to allow the buff rake to be pulled from your hand. Slowly rake the face of the buff until the face of the wheel is black again with shades of the original color of the buffing wheel showing through. Re-apply buffing compound and start buffing. The metal rake measures 2" x 5".