• Full Disc Buffing Wheel 4" X 20 ply

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    4" X 20 ply Full Disc Loose Buffing Wheel
    1/2" or "Pinhole" center hole, 1 row of sewing around center hole.
    The cotton used to make this wheel is a 60/60 thread count, meaning 60 cotton threads per square inch. This is a soft flexible buff good for buffing or color buffing all types of metal, plastics, wood, and jewelry, This wheel like other full disc loose buffing wheels is good for buffing anything. This is also a perfect jewelry buffing wheel. These buffs are about a ¼" thick and are placed on a straight arbor shaft. The polisher can make the face of the buffing wheel "head" as thick as desired by adding more wheels. Four of these wheels on the buffing shaft would make a "buff head" of 1 inch thick. The pinhole center is for use on a tapered spindle shaft. These buffs work great with all buffing compounds. Loose buffs are good for use with greaseless compounds too. These are great all purpose buffing wheels to have around the shop. They also work well on hand held drill set ups.