• Robotic Buffing Unit


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    Robotic Systems
    Designed and Installed for a Wide Variety of Manufacturers Bayland has a track record of proven systems designed and installed for a wide variety of manufacturers of products such as plumbing fixtures, door lock hardware, motorcycle parts, surgical implants, turbine blades, golf clubs, guitar bodies and assorted cat and forged parts. We work with our customers from conception through implementation and training, utilizing designs that may be derived from our standard systems of robot cells or custom engineered for the customer's specific application. With these systems, Buffing Robots enables the manufacturers to produce more consistent finished parts by transforming manual abrasive belt polishing and buffing into completely automated processes.  Buffing Robots offer proven systems that are more reliable and easy to maintain. You can contact us with any questions or requests you have. PC operator interface for set-up, control and self diagnostics. The PC interface dramatically reduces operator training and set up time.
    This system features:
    · Self diagnostics
    · System status information
    · Alarm display with fault condition
    · Production data
    · Abrasive belt polishing force control
    · "Sensy Buff" force control
    · Automatic system compensating for tool wear, abrasive belts, and buffing wheels
    · Speed control of abrasive belts and buffs
    · Monitor and display of a complete list of inputs and outputs.

    Pinnacle Robotic Systems -
    High Performance - Low Cost.
    Over the years, Pinnacle has developed a unique production assembly line method that keeps costs down for high performance robotic cells. These designs incorporate a heavy-duty welded common base for the robot magazine, and polishing and buffing units. Once completed, all units are entirely assembled, including all electrical connections, and fully tested following stringent QC criteria.

    Robotic Solutions include:

    • Combination Abrasive Belt Polishing and Buffing Robotic Cells
    • Linked Surface Finishing Robot Cells – via Transfer System or with Robotic Handling Interface
    • Single, Double or Triple Linishing Units
    • Infeed Systems to suit parts and production needs
    • Flexible Tooling Systems
    • Automated Part Identification Options
    • Automated Program Selection
    • Automated Gripper Exchange Systems
      Pinnacle designers and programmers work closely with your team to ensure that your robotic system meets all your requirements.
     Each of our robotic finishing cells are competitively priced and backed by a guaranteed 24-hour turnaround service. The entire unit is pre-assembled, pre-wired and pre-programmed. Best of all, our comprehensive training program makes start-up a breeze.
    Among the many features of our robotic finishing cells are:
    • Compact Design with small footprint 
    • "Auto-Sense Buffing System" programmable force control abrasive buff units with contact wheel protection system
    • Heavy double walled welded common base for the robot, magazine, buffing or polishing units and safety fencing enclosure or sound and dust proof cabin
    • Simple operator interface for ease of set up and diagnostics
    • Rotary magazine with enough capacity to run 8 to 10 hours unattended
    • One year 3 shift standard warranty

    The thoroughness of Pinnacle preparation before shipment allows for fast, easy installation. Only minor assembly and minor adjustments are necessary which means the units can be quickly connected to your main power and are immediately ready for production. See for yourself how Bayland with Pinnacle Robots can help you master the art and science of robotic abrasive belt polishing and buffing.